About Us

At T&S Builders, we value our customers as the cornerstone and foundation of our business. We have long-lasting relationships with our customers and corporate partners, and we believe that these relationships are the key to our success. We base this success on principles of respect and mutual benefit for all parties.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction in all of our jobs, both large and small. Our team of Builders have many years experience in the trade, and we believe this experience and passion shows in our high attention to detail and our desire to make sure that each job is professionally organised, planned and finished to the best of our ability.

Along with our comprehensive Portfolio page, please take the time to look at some of our sample images below. Each image is 100% authentic, and taken on the job by our Builders.

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Example Two

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Have you had an idea of building works you'd like to progress with? Have you had an idea about a Sun Room or Garage Conversion, and never had the chance to enquire about?

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